IGNITE Student Spotlight: Alyssa Tess

(2 minute read)

I pitched the idea of doing a feature interview video with a student in the Humber Music Program as a part of IGNITE's recurring "Student Spotlight" series.

After being given the greenlight, I did some outreach and got in contact with Alyssa Tess, a very talented musician and student in the Bachelor of Music Program at Humber.

As a twist to the traditional spotlight video, I drafted and shot a musical performance by Alyssa as a second part to this spotlight feature. 

Part 1: Spotlight Interview

This first video in the spotlight is a brief interview with Alyssa, where she speaks of how she got into the program after auditioning three times for a spot. She also gives insight and advice to fellow students who may be pursuing their own passions, not just in school but in their own lives.  

Part 2: Musical Performance

In the second video, I shot a one-shot performance of one of Alyssa's original songs, titled "Missing You". This was shot at Humber's music recording studio and was recorded live. The audio that was recorded from the microphone was added on top of the video that was shot.

I chose the black and white look to contrast from the look of the interview video, and to bring more attention to the song and not the setting around her during the performance.

Learning Outcomes

One of the best parts of my job as a videographer is having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life on campus and helping them to share their stories with others, and I feel that this is a great example of that being put into practice.

I have learned a lot so far through the videos I've created with IGNITE and I look forward to what comes next in my journey as a content creator with them.