IGNITE Real Talks with Serge Ibaka

(2 minute read)

I had the opportunity to film and edit Sulvey Polanco's interview with Raptors player, philanthropist and NBA champion Serge Ibaka, as a part of IGNITE's recurring "Real Talks" series.

The series revolves around different influential speakers sharing their experiences and words of wisdom to Humber and Guelph-Humber students at a live event. This interview took place just before the main event.

Sulvey and Serge covered a wide variety of topics including: his inspiration for cooking, his dream guest for his online series "How Hungry are You?", and what he loves about living in the city of Toronto.

You can view the full interview below.

Full Interview with Serge Ibaka

The Process & Learning Outcomes

Shooting this interview was a great learning experience for me, as this was a true test of time management and strategy. We were on a very limited time schedule with Serge, so this required myself and the rest of our team to be as adaptable as possible. On an individual front, this required me to change up my traditional setup to one that would be more time efficient (in terms of audio).

Camera A remained stationary, and Camera B was operated by me on a gimbal. I made sure to get shots from both sides of Sulvey and Serge to simulate a three camera setup. Camera B was also used to grab additional footage during the main event.

Although I'd shot interviews for IGNITE in the past with students, the timing for those shoots were usually more flexible and gave more room for additional shots if/where needed. Events like this can be unpredictable, anything can happen depending on when the talent shows up, and we didn't have the opportunity for multiple takes/re-shoots. The process of shooting this interview proved to be an invaluable learning opportunity for me, and has better prepared me for more shoots like this in the future.