Endoscopy 2020

(5 to 6 minute read)

This was a project that was done for the Thirty-Third International Course on Therapeutic Endoscopyorganized by the Therapeutic Endoscopy Group at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

We chose the hashtag #BecomeAnInsider as the name of our campaign, to emphasize the idea of prestige and community that came with this event.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were unable to fully complete the project, but I still felt it was important to include because of the valuable project management and content creation skills gained from our work. Some excerpts from what we were able to complete will be included here.


Client/Project Background

Our task was to create a social campaign to help promote their first ever international webcast, which would be accessible to potentially their largest audience yet. In addition to the campaign, we were also tasked with designing and coding a new website for the conference to compliment the new campaign material and information about the event. 

I worked in collaboration with my friend and teammate Matthew Emmons to develop a content strategy, in addition to creating the content itself. Additionally, I assisted with user persona research to help determine the potential wants and needs of our target audience.


Our big focus was the creation of videos for social media. Matt and I worked together to develop a cohesive script and shot list, as well as location scouting for the shoot. Keeping with the themes of prestige, community and education, the words "Experience", "Educate", and "Explore" were used to kick off and set the tone for the main, long-form video.

COVID-19 prevented us from completing the required filming for the videos. Both of the included videos are concepts that consist of stock footage, as well as stills from the original paper storyboards (done by Matt), our graphic, and preliminary b-roll that we were able to shoot in Toronto, pre- pandemic.

Longer-Form (Main) Video 

Short-Form Video


For quicker, easier to digest content, we decided it would be a good idea to have motion-graphics based posts in our content, as a way to tie the bridge between our moving videos, while being consistent with the layout of our still image content. Here are some samples of the graphics I made below.

The Process & Content Strategy

While we wanted to have content on the major social networks, we wanted to see if any were more trusted or used than others. Both of us interviewed people who had various relations to the medical community (ex. doctors, students currently studying in the field) for a clearer picture.

We developed a content strategy of owned, paid and organic content to present to the client that consisted of the following: 

Owned Content



  • Interview Video with conference lead Dr. Jeff Mosko

  • Standard Promo video for the conference

  • Approximately two short form videos for cross-posting

    • Incorporating Motion Graphics for informative text



  • Emails and/or emailed newsletters (via email list)

  • 1-2 emails



  • An article for the Ontario Medical Association to promote the event

    • Testimonials or event recap



Paid Content


Graphic Posts

  • 4-8 posts with graphic designs and recap photos to promote the event

  • 1 press release to notify people of the event


Organic Content


Shared Social Post Mockups

  • 2-4 mockups of shared organic posts

  • 2-4 mockups of ideal organic content including attendee testimonials

  • Third party article written by us about the conference as an ideal piece of earned content


Miscellaneous Content


LinkedIn Badge

  • 1 Badge for attendees

  • SEO’s/Google Ad Words

Learning Outcomes

This project was great opportunity to gain first-hand experience in project management. Although I wish that this project could have seen completion, I have nothing but great things to say about how our entire team was able to work and adapt in spite of uncertain circumstances.

The value of communication and teamwork were key lessons that I took away from this piece. Additionally, I feel more confident in taking on more cross-platform and transmedia-based projects in the future.

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