ZOFF X Alan Anderson:

Divine Deviance

(2 to 3 minute read)

In collaboration with Canadian fashion designers Michael Zoffranieri and Alan Anderson, I shot and edited videos for their 2019 Toronto Fashion Week collection, titled Divine Deviance


The jewellery (Alan Anderson) and evening dresses (ZOFF) were designed and created together; this is something that isn’t typically seen in most pairings.


It was my goal to create content that gave a well-rounded showcase of the behind-the-scenes efforts and effective collaboration that went into this collection, as well as the presentation of those pieces. 


The videos were shot and edited with message consistency and cross-platform posting in mind, as these were shared on Instagram (both on the feed as well as in stories) and Facebook.


Below are the edits I made for the duo (shown from the ZOFF perspective here), which would also serve as reusable marketing tools.

Long Form Edit

This is the full-length version of the event recap. Here I made sure to include highlights from the start to finish of the show. The events leading up to the show were presented in order, from set-up and pre-show interviews, to the runway, to the accompanying showcase.

Short Form Edit (Version 1)

The first of two videos made for cross-posting on Instagram story, as well as the main feed.

Short Form Edit (Version 2)

The second of the two short edits, variation was used here so that the combination of both videos would give a well-rounded display of the pieces included in the collection.