Cinema 4D in Motion

(3 minute read)

Animation has interested me since I was a kid, but I was reluctant to pursue it for many years. In an attempt to create a short film, I finally decided to give it a try for a final project in my one of my classes, using Cinema 4D.


The project didn't turn out anything like how I would have wanted it to, but I don't regret taking that risk because it introduced me to a skill I never dreamed I would have, and has inspired me to create in new ways.

Since then, I've had the chance to experiment more with 3D animation in C4D. I decided to regroup and try to relearn the program and animation basics through motion graphics/design. Part of the learning process came from creating loop animations and using different techniques, textures and shapes/models.


Feel free to view some examples of that through any of the videos below. Alternatively, you can check out the work I've done for a social campaign for Madhappy using the same program.

Motion Drop

These two videos were created using the motion drop plugin. With this plug in, you are able to change the length, radius and direction of movement. I experimented with that, plus lighting, texture and C4D's camera feature to achieve the final products below. Camera movements and direction were created through keyframing.

Other Loops/Animations

The videos below are other loop animations that took what I'd learned in motion drop and were applied to different forms of movement. 


This was the first project I did on C4D for motion graphics. I got to create my own backdrop here, play around with colouring and texturing, and using the MoGraph tools to create and direct the bouncing and stacking of the particles. 

This one has sound/music, so it will not play unless prompted.

Cube Animations

The cube animations below were my first attempt to create, time and design the movements so that they would work in a loop, without a gap in transitions. I had been seeing loops on Instagram a lot and wanted to try them out as I found them quite fascinating. These were based on tutorials, but I made modifications in the shapes, texturing and platform (as seen in the second loop).

(An Attempt at) An Oddly Satisfying Loop

This one was a piece I had made because I was inspired by the work of Andreas Wannerstedt, a phenomenal artist who creates wonderful looping animations (if you haven't heard of him, I highly recommend checking out his work!). I wanted to try using a brighter colour scheme and make a more "matte"-looking finish, as opposed to the more "chrome" or reflective textures I'd previously used.